Why Lemonade?

After 2 years with Rocket, visiting and studying markets all over the Unites States, coupled with my 30+ year dairy background as a Rocket customer, – I believe, more than ever, in the lemonade category – especially for dairies. Why…?

Lemonade appeals to the masses

• It seems, in lots of cases, in an effort to chase the latest trends, dairies and marketers fail to realize that a superior tasting lemonade, made with quality ingredients, sold at reasonable retail prices – appeals to all consumers (the masses!) and will produce long-term repeat results!

Lemonade is large and growing category. $700M+ annually (IRI)

• predicted to go at a 6.3% rate thru 2026 (IRI, Nielsen, Research reports)

Lemonade sells well within a dairy or beverage portfolio

• If local/regional dairy markets a lemonade – lemonade sales per capita, in that market, increase. (Nielsen)

A dairy’s Lemonade can outsell that same dairy’s orange juice

• Several operations that we serve, report that their Lemonade, sold in gallons, ½ gallon, pints (retail sizes) outsell similar sizes of their orange juice – in some cases by 2X!

Lemonade is a big market – especially for a dairy

• ACV is key – Lemonade will sell in all accounts that sell milk (except schools, due to sugar guidelines)
• Nielsen/IRI is only capturing roughly 40% of the lemonade sold – as “street and alternative channels” are not accurately and fully measured – this unmeasured market is a strength of local and regional brands

Dairy packaging sells Lemonade

• Lemonade does not need to be sold in fancy and expensive carafe’s – proof exist in numerous markets
• Milk packaging denotes local, fresh, familiar and trust
• Lemonade is the perfect complement to a dairy brand portfolio

The taste that Rocket’s Lemonade flavor produces, coupled with a strong brand name and its selling expertise – is a natural and proven supplement to any brand!

Good Selling!