Welcome to Rocket Products

Since 1953, we have helped our customers build their brand by supplying proven Lemonade, Orangeade, and Fruit Punch base concentrates. 

  • Our recipes and custom production systems are time-tested and market-proven
  • Great fresh taste is insured by using only the finest and freshest ingredients produced immediately to order
  • Each customer’s order will be supplied on time, is easy to use, and priced for customer success

Our founder, Charles E. Lazier, started Rocket Products in 1956. He had created a new flavor formulation that took the beverage industry by storm. It was a citrus lemonade flavor that became Sun Drop® citrus soda. His flavor profile was eventually emulated by iconic beverage brands like Mountain Dew® and Mello Yellow®. He also created the wildly successful lemonade formula, Dair-E. The company was built not only on innovative flavors but also world-class execution in producing them despite many ups and down throughout its history. Charles was the ultimate entrepreneur, turning down multiple offers to sell his company while being intensely protective of his proprietary formulas. With fierce independence, boldness, and focus, Charles led Rocket Products for over 60 years.

In June of 2022, Charles passed away at the age of 95, leaving the company in good hands to carry on the legacy of Rocket Products. Betty Honaker is now president and CEO. She joined Rocket Products in 2004 and helped steer the company through Charles’ latter years. Betty is committed to providing Rocket’s customers with the highest quality products on the market, as well as best in class service with a personal touch. Tim White, VP of Sales, joined the company in early 2017, bringing decades of beverage sales experience with him. Together, Betty and Tim have led the company through significant growth over the past several years, building a top notch team of people as they look to continue Rocket Products’ upward trajectory.