Tim White Joins Rocket Products

Tim White has joined Rocket Products as National Sales Manager. Tim has invested 30+ years in the dairy business, primarily with the Purity and Mid-South divisions of Dean Foods. Tim served in numerous capacities, rising through the ranks where in 2000 he became Vice President of Sales at Purity Dairies in Nashville, Tennessee. Tim is responsible for leading and overseeing all selling, customer and marketing activities for Rocket.

“Throughout my dairy career, Rocket, Mr. Lazier and Dair’E Lemonade were synonymous with a great tasting Lemonade that performed extremely well in the market and the producing dairy. I have total and first-hand confidence in our product, our capabilities and most importantly what this means for our customer’s business. It is an honor to be here, serving customers and working with Mr. Lazier, Betty and the team to carry Rocket’s history forward.”