Rocket® Products Stands Alone…

We believe in quality, consistency and service to our customers.

Our Mission

We at Rocket® Products, Inc. are proud of serving the dairy industry since 1953. Our goal is to expand our customer base while maintaining and increasing services to our existing customers. We believe our beverage concentrate products to be the finest in quality and excellence in flavor. Quality and service to our customers has always been second to none, and we will never compromise on that commitment.


Our purpose is to identify and recruit consumer direct dairy and beverage manufacturers which we might serve. In order to do so we present the following strategy.


We will achieve our corporate goal and objectives by helping our customers to meet their own. While the bottom line in any business is price, Rocket® Products, Inc. is also dedicated to providing both quality products and top service as well. It is, therefore, that we offer the following incentives to both our existing and prospective new customers:
We use only the finest ingredients and are well known for our ability to consistently produce the highest quality products.
Our staff is dedicated to responding quickly and effectively to the immediate needs of our customers and takes great pride in doing so. Should a customer request, a personal visit is guaranteed. Samples are formulated immediately upon your request for evaluation; to your specifications, and are provided as concentrated or finished beverages.
Our concentrates are never warehoused and they are manufactured upon order to exacting specifications. Orders are processed immediately and shipped within 7 to 10 working days.

Immediate Priority

Our immediate priority is to offer you the same fine product, price, and service that is being delivered to our present customers. In order to meet that priority, Rocket Products, Inc. will be proud to make a personal presentation or send samples of our products upon your request.