Rocket Products Stands Alone



In addition to our proven formulas – Rocket’s core focus points are:

  • Operate our specially engineered plant with proactive care
    • Earn & keep, with a “A’ grade, Certification in Global Standard for Food Safety by BRC
    • Focus on a limited number of items for mastery & efficiency
    • Use the best ingredients to produce superior flavor, aroma & color
  • Produce orders upon receipt to ensure freshness & superior taste
  • Serve as a resource to customers for selling & marketing lemonade, so they lead the market
    • Provide customer’s sales teams with facts, so they can sell with confidence
    • Develop new items & ideas, so our customers prosper from consumer trends
  • Maintain the personal touch of private business
    • Listen & respond quickly to customer needs, they are the reason we exist
    • Invite customers, current & potential, to visit our facility & the city of St. Louis
    • Help others, remain thankful & celebrate success